Urdu Nuggets Recipes - How to Make Chicken Nuggets

Get the taste of Nuggets Recipes in Urdu - Chicken, Cheese and Potato Crispy Nuggets all made for you.Find out how you can make pleasing chicken with this app.Is app may you will find chicken and cheese plumps recipes from Fauzia's kitchen, and other prominent chefs such as Chef Gulzar, Chef zakir, Chef Maliha and many more. Now finger licking has become even more delicious.Especially the kids love nuggets recipes in urdu. Most of them come from school and ask their moms to make nuggets for them. My own small sister used to do that. The good thing is most of these are easily available on K&Ns and the frozen meet is already baked. Just fry them and they will be ready in minutes. Now munch on the appetizing meals all day long. - Features:This is one of the finest nuggets recipe in urdu app. We have around 40 nuggets recipe collection from different chefs in this one alone. You will be making cheese nuggets, beef nuggets, sauce nuggets, chatni ones and many more.The app view is simple. We have embedded a web-view that allows the users to simply scroll along to get to their desired recipe.You can press next and back buttons to move from one urdu nugget recipe to the next.This Pakistani Cooking recipe app book includes sharing functionality so that you can share the nugget recipes that you like with your best friends through messages, whatsapp and you can even bookmark them to your evernote.It also contains one more button for those who want to review the app, directly from with-in it.- Functionality:- Easy to use app- Simple functionality similar to an Ebook - Contains around 30+ recipesDisclaimer:All recipes available in the Easy Pakistani Cooking Recipes in urdu app are taken from public domain. Please let us know if they belong to you through the email address available belowAds:The sabzi and phal snacks or Fruit Chaat recipe in urdu app contains ads. You will find banner and interstitial ad in itFeedback:We don't prompt for feedback in the app, but we would be happy if you can provide it here about the Pakistani khanay recipes app
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