Delivrt - Delivery from any store or restaurant

Delivrt offers you the unique place where you can place an order and get delivered at your home from any kind of store next to you. Find the store who deliver next to you, place an order and get delivered at your home or anywhere you prefer. Delivrt collaborates with all kind of stores like grocery Store, fruit & vegetable store, supermarket, restaurant, florist, gift shop, toy shop, laundry, retail, and others.If you are interested in any store or restaurant that is not available in our platform please contact us using our contact us form. We will do our best to add that store as soon as possible.If you have a store o restaurant and want to increase your sale up to 25% contact us on it works:1. Enter your area postal code.2. Select the store or restaurant you like.3. Pay by cash on delivery o credit/debit card.4. Get delivered and enjoy.
Operating System Android