Beer all Over

The intention is to present the most popular beer brands in each of the selected 229 countries and territories around the world. It shows you the most common beers in the world, giving you others opinion and the option to rate them. The following criteria have been used when choosing the beer brands in each of the countries: A. For each country a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 30 beer brands have been selected. B. The selected beer brands are produced in the country (= no imported beers are included). C. The selected beer brands are the most sold/most popular in the country. D. Each beer brand is widely available in supermarkets, shops, bars and restaurants. E. Each of the beer brands needs to be available in at the least the 4 largest cities in the country. F. In countries with no local beer production the most popular imported beer brand is listed. G. In countries where beer (and alcohol) is prohibited one malt beverage (non-alcoholic) is listed. This is a limited version, but a full version including GPS-support and other features will soon be available for a small price. Website and contactVisit the entertaining website: www.beerallover.comIn case you have suggestions, criticism or (most likely) flattering comments, send an email to
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