Keep Recipe

Keep Recipe is the complete recipe management application. Upon initial load, the application will display some pre-configured recipes that you can view right away. You can then explore all of the recipe's ingredients along with the steps required to make that particular dish. One of the neat things about the application is that it includes an embedded video player which you can use to view instructional videos right from the app. Features of Keep Recipe include the ability to add and remove any recipe from your collection. When adding a new recipe, you can add as many ingredients and steps as you like and keep it as organized as possible to your liking. This application includes an embedded YouTube player, so if you are looking to spice up your recipe list, be sure to include a link to a related YouTube video. The app also includes an accompanying widget, which you can place anywhere on the home screen. The widget will offer a quick glance at any recipe's ingredients without having to open the app itself. If you do need to see details, then just click on the widget itself and the app will open up with the selected recipe. This application is optimized for use on both Mobile and Tablet devices. For tablet devices in particular, users will be presented with an intuitive multi-pane display that allows one to easily scroll through recipe steps and view the associated videos without having to transition to different screens. If there are any questions/feedback/issues about the app, be sure to use the Contact Support option from within the main screen and send a message. Feature requests are always welcome. Also, please leave a comment and let us know what you think.
Operating System Android