Weemu Meal Planner & Organizer

Do you have trouble organizing your meals. Don't know what's for dinner. Do you have picky eaters who all want different foods. Do you have unique dietary needs. Don't want to surf through a million recipes you will never use. Weemu is your answer. Weemu is a simple and easy weekly meal planner and organizer for the rest of us. With Weemu meal planner, you can have different meals for each of your family members. No longer do you have to wait till dinner to figure out what to eat. Weemu can help you organize your meal plans and even generate a shopping list for the weekly meal plan. Weemu is also fully customizeable. Weemu allows you to add your own meal names. Weemu also tracks your favorite recipes and the ingredients needed for the recipe. It is ideal for those with special dietary needs such as vegan, Gluten Free, or diets for losing weight as well as any diet in need of strict planning. Don't wait to get your meal planning started install Weemu today and get your meals planned and organized.
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