The perfect coffee is about excellent quality green beans, roasted to perfection and brewed how you like. The IKAWA At Home system combines our Home Coffee Roaster and Home App with a carefully curated selection of coffee beans and roast recipes created by experts, allowing you to take your appreciation of coffee to the next level and roast coffee at home, controlled by your phone or tablet. ROAST RECPIES AND HOME APP Simply select the recipe you want, send to the roaster via bluetooth, press Go button and watch the progress on the app - and smell the aromas as the roast develops. IKAWA HOME ROASTER Designed and manufactured by IKAWA in our London workshop, our patented roasting system controls the head and airflow precisely, to simply roast your coffee. GET ADVENTUROUS Try our Recommended Roasts for excellent results from the start. Then hit 'edit' at bottom right corner, move the points and design a curve to roast your coffee how you like. SHARE YOUR COFFEEShare your roast recipes, taste notes or just make your friends jealous. Do this through the app via email, twitter, whatsapp, facebook and more. Find out more at www.ikawacoffee.com.
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