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Providing nutrition for desired wellbeing and fitness resultsWe offer custom meal prep services that is designed specifically for your well-being and fitness results. What we can do is provide you with a custom nutrition which is 80% of your success in achieving a certain physique. Custom meal plan that is designed specifically for you to achieve your goal, whether it's gain or lose. Remember abs are made in the kitchen. About MacromanFirst of all, I would like to thank you for being interested in our meal prep services and here is some information about myself. My name is Pasha Volokh and I am an NPC Bodybuilder and Physique athlete. I have learned the true power of nutrition when I first started to compete 3 years ago. I am a true believer that 85% of your fitness and wellbeing goals are achieved through proper nutrition. I started my meal prep business with the goal of helping and educating the public about the importance of proper nutrition to reach their goals. What we doMacro Man Meals helps you achieve optimal fitness and health goals through healthy, and nutritious meals set up for your individual metabolism and body. Whether you're a body builder getting ready for your next competition or just looking to shed a few pounds, Macro Man is here to help. When ordering, each meal comes with the choice of one meat, one choice of carbohydrate, and one choice of vegetable, meaning that each meal is entirely custom to the consumer's tastes and goals. In our app you will be able to: Order meals. Setup reoccurring orders. View menu. In app secure messaging with the Macroman himself. Loyalty program. Geo-listed pickup locationsIf you need help or have any questions, visit us at www.macromanmeals.comLike us on Facebook http://bit. ly/2vfeaRZ and Follow us on Instagram @macroman_fitnessThis mobile app was made by IdealApps. Visit us all www.idealapps. co to have your mobile app built.
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