My Macro Tracker + Calculator

Macros Made SIMPLE. Counting MACROS? IIFYM / Flexible dieting? My Daily Macros is a simple and INEXPENSIVE option for calculating your macro ratios and tracking your meals to hit your macros every day. My Daily Macros allows you to: Calculate your own macronutrient prescription using the included tool, based on Mifflin-St Jeor formula. Add foods to your journal by searching through huge food database that includes millions of items from common brands and restaurants. Scan a product's barcode to get its macronutrient information. See your remaining daily macros as you add foods to your journal. Modify any value in a serving to make it fit your macros. Want that sandwich but don't know how much to eat to hit your macros? Just let the app do the math. Customize your meal names and add additional meals if desired. Eat 5 meals a day? Customize to 5 meals. Eat 10 meals a day? Customize to 10 meals. Check off foods as you eat them by marking them as Consumed. Food database by FatSecretIcons by icons8.com.
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