IQNautics - The Live Marine Traffic Application

AIS MARINE TRAFFIC INFORMATIONNow we can sea! AIS marine traffic information directly in the application for free!A user friendly interface for AIS marine traffic is finally here.Forget about busy and loaded screens with thousands of dots that make information difficult to understand. Now terrestrial AIS information is intelligently shown for an easy understanding.Is your favorite anchoring spot busy? Is your best fishing spot taken? Now you can identify vessels, traffic in a certain area and take the best decisions where to navigate.IQ Traffic - SMARTPHONE BASED REAL TIME MARINE TRAFFICTogether, safer on water! Introducing our innovative smart marine traffic that uses smartphone technology. Even if your boat does not have AIS, your smartphone acts like one showing you as an anonymous boat only when you are on water. This only if you decide to create a flotilla and only if you are on water.This way, everyone contributes to a safer boating experience with real time marine traffic information not available before. Be sure to spread the word to other boaters!FLOTILLA MODEDo you want to see in real time the location of your friends on other boats for easier coordination? Just create a flotilla and invite your skipper friends to it. The moment they accept and they are on water you will be able to sea the location information of all flotilla members for easier coordination as a group, details of each flotilla member such as: current speed, distance relative to your location, their GPS coordinatesNow you can better plan your approaches, you can easily reach them in case they need support or join them in that perfect swimming location!PERSONAL BESTSAre you the lead skipper of your flotilla? Now you can actually prove it.The app automatically logs your personal bests such as overall nautical miles covered, highest speed reached or longest leg when you are in a flotilla.It is smart enough not to log your on land activities so no worries if you hop on a scooter on an island. Your land activities are not tracked or logged so your on water record stays clean and accurate.PRIVACY WHEN ON LANDWe listened! A smart solution should provide information when needed. That is why we designed our application so that it will not show your location to other flotilla members when you are on land. It will show only your last logged on water location.
License Free
Version 1.2.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up