This Field map app allows the user to map field boundaries and record all activities completed in those fields throughout the year. Effectively this app can become a field diary. This info can then be used in overall farm management on a daily basis.When the app is initially installed the user needs to define all field boundaries using either a GPS based device or through the google maps option in the app. Field boundaries can be grouped together depending on land block configuration of the farm , E.g. out farms can be recorded separately.Once the field boundaries have been defined then activity occurring in those field can be recorded. The user interface for reviewing and recording activities is a user friendly map based interface.FeaturesCreate field mapsCalculate field areaMultiple input optionsUse Bluetooth based GPS devicesUse Phones internal GPS deviceSatellite based mappingLog all activities completed in each specific field
License Free
Version 3
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 2.0 and up