UNL Places

UNL Places helps you find, personalize and navigate to any location. No street name not a problem. Its about Places, not postal codes. So, do more with your favourite places. Enjoy a reliable address. Create and share routes that work for you and help others find you faster. Personalize your places and simplify navigation experiences with relevant information.Many locations and people around the world dont have a reliable address. We give anywhere and anyone a unique, universal address. You can easily customize your address by adding images, private data and custom routes to help people get to you faster.Use UNL Places to: Find and share your exact location indoor or outdoor to help friends find you faster. Share with businesses to get your parcels and food delivered to anywhere you are like your doorstep, office desk or that bench in the park. Know a better way to get there? - Add routing instructions to any location to help others navigate easily to where you are. Personalize it! Add pictures and other important information to make places and navigation more interactive (private or public). Enjoy smooth, end-to-end navigation to anywhere with precision and indoor routing e.g. from the G13 gate at the airport to your hotel room.Features: In-app navigation outdoor, indoor, multi-modal, accessibility friendly (incl. wheelchair). Search locations with unique UNL names, street names and contextual data (e.g. Nights Watch exhibition). Visual routing composer tool draw custom routes. Private/public data enrichment contribute and manage your own data. Share custom location link and data visible only for the ones who have the link. Manage your contributions.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.57-171f2c8d
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up