Every time you stop, youll see relevant Wikipedia articles, Yelp reviews, Google Places, Meetups, YouTube videos, Spotify songs and more - the best content, from the best sources that already have geo-positions.With Stops, you can easily create your own geo-based content and products and keep them private or shared with specific people. You can also contribute them to the community (public) and share them outside the app to anywhere you want. Once you share, only those specific people can discover your content floating around in Augmented Reality, on Maps or in Search Results.With our geo-based search engine, cloud, gallery and messenger you can do some incredible things like: create interactive travel itineraries (Collections), get context for real estate and digital assets (Discover), and create messaging groups (Cubes) that are great for collaborating on family history, travel, real estate and education.With our "Drop a Stop" feature you can connect any form of digital data to a geo-position and even give it an altitude, so it stands out in Augmented Reality!The more your own private gets mixed with other Stops search results (which you can easily filter and control who sees), you'll begin to see how Stops improves the way you search, travel, learn and easily get-to places where the story really happened, in context. There are lots of use cases for our agile product.Stops is GDPR compliant from the get-go. Your data is yours, and you always have the right to be forgotten. We don't track you or share your data with anyone. In the very special event that you choose a service that requests data, you'll be asked in very clear pop-up boxes and have the immediate right to opt-out with the right to be forgotten. You can edit, delete or export your data at any time with full control over your sharing privileges: Private (default), Shared, & Public.So whats stopping you? Download our app today and join a community of people who love to learn, share and 'get-to' objects, ideas, places and things using Stops.Coming Soon!!!The ability to find the closest movie and movie theatre to you using Fandango (North America).The ability to connect your favorite songs and audio files to where they were written, recorded, and last performed, using all of the best streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. This will soon be available from our 'Drop a Stop' feature.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.3.5
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 5.0 and up