Platinum O-Track

O-track is an online map and GPS application available for both computers and smartphones, allowing its user to control and manage numerous GPS trackers. O-track is also known as a real-time GPS tracking system for both personal and vehicle tracking. It uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine the precise locations of vehicle(s), person(s), or other assets to which it is attached with and to record the positions of said individuals or objects at regular time intervals (for example, every 10 seconds). Apart from these geo-location data, O-track can also assess various other important information, including vehicles indoor temperatures (critical for those that transport food and vegetables), opening and closing of doors, and fuel consumption (critical for those in regular as well as long-distance transportation business). Also of note is the fact that sensors available within O-track packages allow for competent data recording and reporting with high level of accuracy.No matter where and when, O-track never sleeps and always keeps tracking, recording all the important data and physical movements of the objects (person or automotive), and having such information readily available for instant viewing. All this combined is to provide our customers ease, comfort, and peace of mind, in knowing that their vehicles can be properly managed using an advanced centralized tracking system such as O-track.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.11.1432
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.1 and up