HUD Speedometer Digital: GPS, Speed Limit Widget

No internet requirement, low space and battery utilization, smart widget to use over other apps.Here we go with the most light weight and accurate Speedometer till date on the store. We have created this speedometer with an intent to be the most useful tool for your car or bike. The Heads up Display (HUD) adds a futuristic touch to the functionality of the digital speedometer. With HUD Speedometer Digital: GPS, Speed Limit Widget app you can now have the modern and futuristic effect of HUD in your car and also use the speed limit feature to stay out of trouble on the road.Our Digital Speedometer uses GPS to measure the speed of the moving object and no internet is required to obtain the accurate speedometer readings. With all other GPS speedometers the design has many elements that are shown on the speedometer screen; our HUD utility tries to keep it simple. We have created a user friendly and attractive user interface for our HUD speedometer and with digital speed we can render many color options as per the liking of our speedometer users.One of the main and distinguishing features of our GPS Speedometer is the Speedometer Widget that can be used on top of other apps like maps or other navigation. This can be really helpful in cases where we need that speedometer reading while using other apps for driving assistance or navigation. The speedometer widget can be dragged and placed anywhere on the screen as per the convenience of the user. Our main goal was to keep this GPS speedometer lightweight and accurate so that is renders the most convenient functionality for auto speed measurement and driving distance.We have also created a fairly simple Heads up Display (HUD) for this GPS Speedometer by keeping it all Digital; the idea was bringing out the main numbers right on the front for most useful HUD view. HUD can be best enjoyed after the sun is down and wind shield is all clear. The futuristic experience that comes along with this nifty little trick is quite spectacular and our HUD is designed to be simple yet eye catching. Multiple color options are also a plus for HUD as we can choose the best contrast as per our environment in the car.With our GPS Speedometer and HUD we are bringing out another useful feature that is the speed limit alarm; as now all major roads have speed limits and crossing that speed limit can be quite costly even if done un-intentionally. Our GPS Speedometer and HUD resolves this issue by setting a speed limit and notifying us both visually (through the HUD) and audibly (through an alarm) as soon as the speed limit is reached. This speed limit feature is very useful as it keeps the driver alert and saves us from any petty mistake.HUD Speedometer Digital: GPS, Speed Limit Widget app has a detailed customization menu for setting up the HUD screen for the GPS speedometer. The settings have been made as simple On/Off buttons and the users can also save the default settings for next time use of GPS Speedometer and HUD. Similarly the speed limit can also be saved for next time use of GPS speedometer and HUD.We are constantly improving our user experience and are relying on your precious feedback to further iterate our product and make the best HUD Speedometer Digital: GPS, Speed Limit Widget that you will ever use.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.19
Operating System Android
System Requirements None