Coordinate Converter Plus

Coordinate Converter Plus is a coordinate converter for Android devices. It converts coordinates between the following formats:1 Latitude / Longitude:- Decimal degrees (DD.ddd)- Degrees decimal minutes (DD.mmm)- Degrees Minutes Seconds (DD MM SS)2 UTM (WGS84)3 MGRS UTM.Features:-Coordinate conversion is performed from any one of the formats to the other.-Coordinates can also be acquired from the device's GPS and converted to DDMMSS, DD.mmm, MGRS and UTM simultaneously and displayed on Google Maps.- Copy and paste coordinates- Share converted coordinates in any format or all formats via email, sms and other apps- Display converted coordinates on Google Maps- Display your GPS location on google maps- Geoid altitude correction using the EGM96 model- Elevation presented in meter or feet- Coordinate conversion and presentation if different formats as you view your location on MapPossible uses:- Mapping- Geo-caching- Hiking- Camping- Navigation
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.18.42
Operating System Android
System Requirements None