Land Measurement and Area Calculator with GPS

We are proudly presenting you a revolutionary app for land survey. Now you don't need to go to construction site with yards and meters to measure land areas. Especially if you need to calculate bigger area like area of city or country, you can easily calculate area by using this GPS based area calculation app. Paddock measurement is very easy now, this planimeter is best option to measure all type of land like constructed or unconstructed, agriculture fields, forests, rivers, dams, sea, mountains. This app show like view of land directly form satellite. You have no need to go to site to measure land. Just open this land measurement and land area calculator app in you mobile, this app will do field work for you. This app is very helpful of construction planning.Before making construction plan you can see you land fly view from directly from satellite by using GPS technology. This app show detail terrain of land and building on the land from satellite camera. Satellite camera shows live view of land. Land measurement and area calculation have no limits, you may calculate area of countries and continents within few seconds. Geometry area measurement app is a free geo area and perimeter measurement app also referred to as GPS area calculator for land measurement, planimeter to measure area on map, or platometer and is used to measure field areas, collect ground samples, GIS surveys. Property dears mostly use this app for land measurement and area measurement on map with all aspects of length, width, heights etc.If you plan to travel and you are not familiar with area, you should use this app to get help in route finding and travel planning. This app will calculate area and tell you how far your destination is and how much estimated time will spend in reaching your destination. This app provides GPS based route finder feature. This is best navigation and rout finder app with the feature of rout distance measurement and traffic conditions on it. You can also measure roads and street length. This is very helpful app for tourist for travel plaining with route and distance measurement. Voice navigation system and GPS car navigations system for voice map search is also a magnificent feature. By using street view feature you can view enjoy virtual tour of famous places of the world just like seven wonders of world.GEO AREA is for:- Land based surveys- Farmers, for farm management- Land record management- Construction surveys- Agronomists- Town planners- Construction surveyor- Health, Education and facilities mapping- Farm fencing- Sports track measurement- Construction sites and building sites area- Asset mapping- Landscape artists- Landscape designGps Area Calculator Features :--Fast area/distance Mapping.Map, Satellite, Terrain and Hybrid modesArea Search Facility.Smart Marker Mode for super accurate pin placement.Measurement saving and editingMeasurement Unit Changing Facility.Update distance upon location changedGPS Area Calculator For Land is completely free to downloadSave any calculate area.Drag and Drop marker to place markerMost popular Gps Area Calculator.
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