My Bus Tracker: Real time bus tracking application

No matter how precise the bus arrival estimation algorithm gets, many applications are still struggling with the exact bus arrival time estimation. Although we might not be able to predict the exact arrival time, it is possible to monitor buses by using their powerful GPS signals. Therefore, we can assure the users that the current bus has not passed a certain location on its path. This is the main idea behind the current bus tracking application. It provides the users with the exact value of the bus distance to the user's marked location on the route. The user can set up an alarm for a bus stop along with a heads-up time and walking duration to the bus station. By considering the set-up gap time, once the bus arrives at the close proximity of the marked location, the application triggers a notification letting the user know about the upcoming bus.The application provides the users with nice animations for the moving vehicles on the map and precise polygons representing routes on which the buses are operating. The app follows the material design convention and is easy to use.Currently, this application monitors buses operating in the city of Lincoln (Startran), so those who live in Lincoln can use this application.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 3.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements None