eLOCi provides GPS based, Google Map API, tracking of your location and also allows you to plan routes and put flags at important map locations. You can see exactly how far your route is before a trip and then exactly how far (and where) you actually went during and after your trip.You can share your current location via text message or email.You can also save the data for an entire map of your trip, your planned route, and all your flagged locations in a CSV file, which can be uploaded to Google Drive or sent via email.eLOCi is great any time you want to record exactly where you have been, or for planning the route for a trip, no matter how you are traveling, whether driving, biking, running, hiking or just taking your dog for walks. Just open the app and start moving!You create route waypoints and flag locations by pressing on the map where you want to create a marker. You don't have to know the exact addresses, just press (long press) on the map, and then you can position the marker exactly where you want it by moving the map under it. You can also flag locations with a street address if you want too.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.08
Operating System Android
System Requirements None