FIND3 - WiFi+Bluetooth based local GPS

The Framework for Internal Navigation and Discovery (FIND) is like GPS, but for your every room in your house/business, with using only a simple smartphone or laptop.Your device (laptop or a smartphone) tracks itself by actively scanning for nearby Bluetooth/WiFi devices and records their signal strengths and classifying them based on known signal strengths for a given location.This repository is a complete re-write of the previous version of FIND ( The API for sending fingerprints (/track and /learn) is backward compatible. There are several notable improvements on the previous version:- Support for any data source, Bluetooth / WiFi / magnetic fields / etc. (previously just WiFi)- Passive scanning built-in (previously required a separate server)- Support for Bluetooth scanning in scanning utility (previously just WiFi)- Meta-learning with 10 different machine learning classifiers (previously just three)- Client uses Websockets+React which reduces bandwidth (and coding complexity)- Rolling compression of mac addresses for much smaller on-disk databases (see mapslimmer)- Data storage in SQLITE-database (previously it was BoltDB)
Operating System Android