Geo Map Area Calculator

Geo Map Area Calculator is useful as a map measurement tool for outdoor activities, range finder applications and sports such as biking or marathon. Comes in handy when exploring golf area or as a golf distance meter, convenient for land surveys, practical for field pasture area measure, helpful in garden and farm work or planning, great to keep area records. It's great for constructions and agricultural fencing. This application is practical even for solar panel installation, roof area estimation or trip planning.FEATURES of Geo Map Area Calculator:- Fast area/distance Mapping.- Smart Marker Mode for super accurate pin placement.- Measurement saving and editing- Measurement Unit Changing Facility.- Map, Satellite, Terrain and Hybrid modes - Area Search Facility. Geo Map Area Calculator is for:- Land based surveys- Farmers, for farm management- Land record management- Construction surveys- Agronomists- Town planners- Construction surveyor - Health, Education and facilities mapping- Farm fencing- Sports track measurement- Construction sites and building sites area- Asset mapping- Landscape artists- Landscape design
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