Mappe: master GPS earth map 2018

Mappe: master GPS earth map 2018 help you plan your trips anywhere in the globe and find all nearby places. It simply finds your current location and search for an address, or help you navigate using google earth maps to your destination.FEATURES- GPS, navigation & map application completely free- Best & free GPS navigation, maps, and routes / direction finder app for android.- Clear GPX position markers.- Maps views from satellite maps to globe maps, to normal map, to street view- You can get very accurate result by using this map, GPS Tracker and route finder app.- So simple and easy to use.- Its completely FREE map app for android.- Minimum size applicationSearch to Find NEARBY places- Hotels and restaurants- Bars and coffee shops- Gas stations, bus stations- ATMs and banks- Addresses - your home or your friend home or some office address- Entertainment places like park museum or a movie theatersMAPS AVAILABLE- Street view - See exteriors for hospitals, atms, bus stations, museums, restaurants, coffee shops, banks and more- Traffic maps - To avoid traffic jams- Satellite view ( googlemaps ) - Enjoy the satellite view from the space- Mappe: Maps, Navigation & Directions uses googlemaps and OpenStreetMap (OSM)Try it Out ! Lets you plan your trips without any fear of getting lost somewhere, get the most reliable navigator, map, direction finder.Important Note:This application need internet connection to work when loading map, if internet connection is slow you may face slow map loading, So please check your internet connection.Location detection is only a requirement of this app, other than this no information is saved or used in any case/situation.
Operating System Android