Live Route Tracking Maps: Navigation & Weather

In any Region there is thousands of people travel daily.The demand of the GPS Mapping Apps and Route navigation apps is getting increase day by day. When people plan a tour or manage a trip to some tourist place they need a map. Keeping in mind, we develop an application that covers almost all aspects of the Mapping and GPS route navigation.Live Route Tracking Maps: Navigation & Weather Application is all in one traveling maps and weather forecasting feature application. Live travel navigation and direction is developed with different features. GPS route Planner & guide map has all required features of navigation, 3D Map, Tracking route map, Weather & weather forecast, share address and save your tracking History etc. This is not hidden and Spying App.Complete Real Time Vehicle Tracking SystemReal Time Vehicle Tracking System, Let us explain how you can use Our Navigational App as A Vehicle Tracker. When we move, GPS Satellite gets the location of the device (cell phone with our applications) by calculating the Longitude and latitude. It's a continuous process of calculating the complete routes. It tracks the complete route trip. Not Only tracks but also saves the track for viewing in later. When you travel, either ride a bike or travel using car, one month tracks are saved in the application. You can view them in the History, with date and time.A complete month data is saved; after one month previous data will be removed you can view the trips during the specific dates also. You can install this application in your driver's mobile and can track the complete travel distance complete travel time. This is the best tracking solution for the people who have vehicle fleet, more than 2 or 3 cars or trucks. They can track all vehicles routes, travel time and total distance covered.GPS Route Finder/ TrackerIt calculates multiple routs options to the destination.Map Quest GPS Navigation & Live Weather info finds the best route among multiple routes and displays to you. It also shows the ETA (Estimated Time Of Arrival)with all the routes and also tells which one is the fastest than others. It Tracks the route and shows up nearby places of interests like Fuel Station, Coffee Shops, Restaurants,Hospital, Gym, casino, club, ATM, banks, airport bus or train stations. Find path to the Nearby Truck stops & weigh stations.Voice NavigationWhen trip starts automatic Voice Navigation System activated. It guides tourists and drivers on every turn, on roundabouts and transits. Turn By Turn voice alerts to avoid the wrong direction to some other roads. Voice Navigation gives you a comfort level during drive so you can focus on driving rather than on MAP Screen.Drive safe your vehicle with voice navigation and Move it to the Bus &Train stations without getting trouble during travel.Live Street ViewLive Street view gives you an opportunity to explore the area on the ground level.Like You are on the street and walking around. You can visit the world famous historical places virtually. A real time travel and tourism cost time and money, but with Live Maps Street View, you can enjoy the tours and trips like a tourist.Current Weather Info / Real time weather forecastsAfter best navigational and mapping services, tourists need the weather Information about their location and the destination as well. People are very conscious about weather forecast before they start their journey. Get the Live info about traffic along the route and weather forecast report. Go to the Weather info before starting a trip, It's an Efficient way to drive safely without any trouble during travel.You can easily manage your trips if you have current and accurate weather report.Local Weather & Forecast will show you about more specific details about weather like Humidity, Wind Speed and wind direction as well.Enjoy the vehicle (Route) Tracking System with Free weather forecast and route finder for Android
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