Street Live Map offline View 2018

Live Map Street View app can let you search google live map and see your area google street view both function. Similar to google earth maps live. It is free to downloadExplore Earth Live maps new application,Who don't know Google Earth Now you can zoom In-Out to view your home,Your street even your colleague.Live maps guide is designed to help you understand and navigate live map data. For years countries and businesses have been putting satellites into space. Theses satellites are constantly circling the earth with massive zoom capabilities taking real time live maps images of nearly every location on earth. We live in a great time when all of this live map data can be available from a simple handheld device and in many cases without a internet connectionLive maps help to view a locations and receive real time data information regarding incident reports and GPS route planning.Features of this live maps guide:+How to use live maps+Live map offline connection (requires online to set up)+GPS incident reporting+Location search+Restricted areas due to closures or other real time scenariosFeatures such as street view are a part of google maps and when combine with live map data enable users gain powerful insights to there location(s) of choice. Google earth enables a realistic display of what an actual satellite captures and can be used as both entertainment and as a powerful tool.Features :* Finding Shortest Driving Route.* Finding near by places e-g (ATM,Gym, Hospitals, Bus station, Restaurant and many more).* Finding Walking Route.* Finding Shortest path.Easy and user-friendly interfaceSpoken and written route instructionsAccurate distance and time required instructionSearch in your own country languagesGet accurate driving route according to your transportation sourceSearch your favorite places, save it and share othersFind nearby places ATM, Hospital, cinema, music club, Bank and commercial marketsExact compass directionSave your target location route and you can set it again any timeThis app allow you to view your friends location on map and connect with them every timeYou can find different routes bike, car, bus and walking routeWorldwide map view with clear street viewSee weather condition of your city, and it will be shown on your device every timeNote : This App is free and supported by Ads.
Operating System Android