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GPS Route Finder is the best gps location tracker app, to be used to find the gps route on the map.It is very simple to use just by marking Start Point and End Point on the map.User can able to find gps route on the map with the 3 available options.GPS Route address finder works as guide and lets you find route between from start and end location in any countries of any States at any situations.It is one of the easiest gps route finder app. you have to search and touch at destination location and the routebetween those two locations or places will appear on the map. By default, app will find out current location of yours. Route information is available via text format also.Features of GPS route finder:> Accurate location Path. It is design very beautifully. Just touch on map to find the route.> Route feature: once the target location set by you app will display accurate path and this will helps you reach the destination hassle free.> Route via Search box: Enter city name of where you want to go then "add location" popup will appear now press "activate now" button to get routeEasy to find nearby places, Like:Post OfficesSchoolsUniversityHospital HotelsMosquesPolice StationsView friend location.Route finderMy location Your favorite placesAirportsBanksATMsBakeryShopping MallPet shopChurchCloth MarkerShoes MarketGPS Route : Earth Map allows users to navigate destinations via directions and search maps using a number of different methods.All in one Gps route Finder best navigator on Maps.Features- GPS Route Finder have three variations of maps. Normal, Satellite and Terrain.- Gps route finder without internet (First you have to download the maps to use it without internet)- Finds Distance between two paths.- route finder driving in gps offline- Gps tracker- Free gps route finder application- Finding nearby locations (Gym, Bank, Post Office, Cafe, Piza, Malls, Hospitals, ATM Bus station, Police Stations, Restaurant, ETC).- GPS Route Finder Navigation app - Help you to travel around the globe and navigate using any method of transportation. Like travel by bus, car, by cycle and much more.- GPS location tracker having offline option too- Find Shortest Driving Route.- GPS Route Finder - Location Tracker is completely and maps navigation is very simple and easy to use.- GPS Route Finder application for Android.- Driving route can also be easily found with GPS Route Finder.navigation path.Supports different maps types: Day, Night, Outdoor maps view.Quickly identify the address of any area in map.Very helpful in Driving Navigation.Location Services: Make sure you have Proper GPS signal Enable on the device with uninterrupted Internet Signal to fetch accurate location on MAP.Recommendation: For Accurate location Mobile phone should be in clear sky view.Permissions for App:Location Services: For fetching and displaying current location.Read SD card : For Viewing MapPrivacy Policy: location is being saved in users mobile database for the purpose of calculating destination route. This app will not store any user's data.
Operating System Android