NEMT Premier

*Increasing ProductivityAchieve more productivity with our NEMT Premier Software. Robust dispatch & scheduling software ensures less time is required for booking, billing and eligibility. Web-based dispatch & scheduling application can be used now through this on Android devices.*Reducing CostsNEMT Premier Software enables more efficient vehicle and driver deployment reduces overall operational costs. Simple, web-based NEMT application reduces staff training expenses and overall cost of ownership.*Better ServiceIncrease the reliability and flexibility of your NEMT service. You can view detailed information, including special needs of patients. Our NEMT Premier Software is easy to use, reliable and cost effective so you can focus on delivering superior service to your customers and growing your business.*********************************************************************************************************>>FEATURES*Fleet management*GPS Vehicle Tracking*Powerful Dispatching Module*Facility Portal>>Premium Features***-Cloud based System-Multiple users (dispatchers, billing, administrator)-Multiple locations-Auto / Dynamic Scheduling***-Calendar Appointments-Recurring rides-Pre Assign drivers-Automated Billing Module***-Hour Tracking-Maintenance & Gas tracking-Custom Reports-Customized modules anytime
Operating System Android