mTracker - Phone Tracker & Anti Theft

mTracker is the essential tracking tool for all Android device. It's will keep your phone safe from any thief though Alarm System and Tracking System. Even though great benefit and convenience of this application, we decided to provide it Free to help more and more people that we can.Track and keep your phone safety has never been easier: - You will immediately know when someone is touching your phone, and they can do nothing to stop the sound. With our app your phone will not be stolen or used without your permission.- Even if you can't catch them at this time. Our GPS tracking system will still help you to track where your phone with real time and guide you directly to it.Leave your phone anywhere, anytime, no one will dare to touch it!*** Main features: Phone's location Tracking - phone tracker- After login, our application will start to track your phone location and save it to our cloud server. You can track your device in map by signing with same account, it can support multiple devices. - You can invite your friends or family to join your group to watching for each other and keep your group be safe. - It also can work like phone tracker to keep track your friend's phone location. Work as phone finder - find my family or GPS phone tracker like any application on store. Alert when audio jack is unpluggedIf you fall as sleep when you are listening to the music on bus, subway .v.v. this mode will be very useful. It will auto turn on alert sound when someone unplug your headphone and stole your phone. Protect your phone from touching - Motion alarmIf you usually put you phone on table, this mode will keep you phone out of any theft. It uses motion sensor to detect when anyone touches to your phone. Protect when charging - Anti theft alarmWhen your phone is charging in public place like coffee shop, library. You can turn this mode on, it will turn alert sound on if someone unplug your phone charger Alert when sim card is changed - Alarm anti thiefEven if your phone was stolen, when the theft change sim-card, this mode will turn alert sound on and make everyone around pay attention to him. Find your phone with SMS - Phone Tracker By NumberIn case you can't find your phone, you can send SMS with content 'myphone' to you lost phone, and the app will send you back SMS with include current location of that phone (Example: 10.780782, 106.691283) Alert when phone is stolen from pocketIt will use phone's sensor to detect whenever your phone was took out of your pocket or your bag. You will have 5 second to type passcode before alarm turn on Quick charger screen
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