GPS Area measure PRO

GPS Area measure app is used to measure areas using only GPS provider with high accuracy. Press "START" button and start walking/driving. App will draw your walking/driving path creating n-polygon and calculating area and distance in real time while walking/driving-Before using this application make sure that sky is clear. GPS Accuracy should be no more than +/- 10 m, otherwise measurements will be incorrect. Accuracy depends on your hardware too. Application is not intended for measuring areas fewer than 100m.-Press "START/RESUME" button, wait for good GPS Accuracy and start walking. If you have problems with accuracy, press "STOP", then "RESET" and again "START/RESUME" button.- Use "STOP" button for break or avoiding points. Using this button will not remove points from map, and "START/RESUME" button will countiune drawing path from your last position.-Use "RESET" button to clear your path from map including all points.-This application is using ONLY GPS provider for measuring area, so you DON'T need internet connection, but if you have it, you will also see map terrain via google maps.
Operating System Android