Fibel Detecting

Using gps and maps to support and help you track your finding with your metal detector.Hi guys.I'm in to detecting but also programming. As we speak I'm developing a new detecting app for iPhone - so this is not the final version yet.Help me help you making an awesome app, so if you could join "Fibel Detecting App" which is a new group on facebook (just search on #fibel). You have a high influence on what's going to be implemented. We added a poll in the group for feature request that you can add request to.Upcoming features:- Persist ant trails.- Finds should be stacked when zooming out in the mapImplemented features:- Everything is saved locally on the phone: no location data will be shared with anyone- Add waypoints by holding finger down 0.5 sec: you'll be able to plan a route from home with this feature- Start Ant trail: Will display a trail where you have been so you don't have to search the same spot again- Quick mark coins and buttons, without an image just to see if there is a pattern in the field, like an old road or so- Works without internet as long as there's gps signal- Works when app is in background mode on the phone and ant trail is enabled- Stats is added for your use only: to keep track of how many holes you dug upFinal info:- App will be available for free at all time, try it out - if you like it, you can buy the in app featuresFeel free to contact me at anytime on #fibel the facebook group
Operating System Android