Liftfox is the newest approach to ride sharing and one of the cheapest and most secure way to request a ride to your desired destination for less. Liftfox treats its riders and drivers better than any other ride hailing company. Our mission is to create the first ever ride-share network that put money back in your pocket of its users. Thereby making our drivers and riders the happiest. Riders can request ride instantly or Schedule ride for later date or time in just a few taps from your mobile phone. Here's how it works: First sign into the app and provide pickup and drop-off location. The app automatically set you're your pickup location to your current location, you can also set to (E. g. a different location, Home, Office, Airport etc) - Select from a varieties of ride options and get immediate fare estimate and ride confirmation. Use the ETA tab to track your driver in real-time before arriving to your pickup location or call or text the Drive with specific instructions. Payment can be made via already added credit card, cash or wallet pay. After trip completion, both driver and rider can rate each and provide feedback to help us improve. Liftfox security feature: This is a feature that. enables users to send security alert messages from the Liftfox app, whenever a trip becomes unsafe or insecure. Here's how it works: Users can send emergency SMS which include user's names, number or email from within user's account. The set email or mobile number would be verified before the security alert feature can be activated. It will send alert via SMS to up to 5 already pre-set friends or relative contact information. This feature can also be activated to call local authorities such as 911 number etc.This feature can be used while the ride is in progress. Note, after activation, an SMS alert will be sent to the emergency contact using the customer's CRN, user details (name, email id and contact number), location where the alert was raised and driver details. Liftfox offers different categories of rides services from the app: MINI: Our most affordable ride for 2 riders. AVER: Our most common ride for 2-4 riders, mostly sedan cars. MAXI: Our largest vehicles for 6 riders in SUV & VAN vehicles. POOL: This is our carpooling services and cheapest ride. LUX: Our luxurious vehicles, offer to VIP persons in classic Sedan & SUV cars. TAXI: Local cabs or taxi companies also available. Find out more about us at: Follow us on Twitter at us on Facebook at a Fare Estimation at https://www.Liftfox.comHave any question? We are here for you. Call or email our help & support centers 24/7 at: Help Center: +1 (855) LIFTFOX (855-543-8369) or by email at Technical support: +1 (833) LIFTFOX (833-543-8369) or by email at for any technical issues.
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