iViddy is a free video sharing platform that allows you to request a short video from a total stranger anywhere in the world. It is as easy as looking at a map and clicking on a camera to make your request. and a couple minutes later the video you requested will be delivered right to your device. Features: Request quick video clips (up to 10 seconds max) from anyone, anywhere on the map. Each green camera on the map is a person available to take a free video for you. Just touch the camera and a text message box will appear. Type your request and send. That's it. Videos include full audio. The video can be re-taken an unlimited number of times until you like the result. A 10 second video will usually upload to our servers within 2 minutes, and be delivered right after the upload completes. You may watch the video as often as you like. Videos are stored on our servers and available for your review anytime on any of your devices; Android, iPhone, iPad, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
Operating System Android