VR Guide: Six Flags St. Louis

The MotorCo Guide to Six Flags, St. Louis application is a relative location and semi-virtual based guide to the amusement park in Eureka, MO (outside of St. Louis). The free version of the app has ads, but no registration or sharing of location. The app calculates the users distance to all of the attractions in the park, and sorts them from closest to furthest so the user knows exactly what is around and which rides are nearby. This allows the user to triangulate their distance and make better decisions and optimize your time. Each attraction also has a detailed description, a live Google map that will take the user to the location, as well as a YouTube video or VR simulation that shows the user exactly what the ride is like, so you can simulate what the ride is like before you go on it. For the rides, we find videos can be more informative. We could show you the landing of Batman, but its not the same as watching the ride from start to finish. This way you know what you are getting yourself into. The app works on the wearable as well. About Six Flags St. Louis: Six Flags St. Louis, originally known as Six Flags Over Mid-America, is a theme park located in Eureka, Missouri, a suburb within southwestern Greater St. Louis. The park is located within the far northeastern portion of the Ozark Plateau, 34 miles southwest of downtown St. Louis, Missouri. The park opened on June 5, 1971. It was the third of only three company start-up parks created by the Six Flags chain. The other two parks built from the ground up were Six Flags over Texas and Six Flags over Georgia. The park branded itself as 'The Coaster Capital of Missouri' in 2013. Admission to Six Flags St. Louis also includes free admission to Hurricane Harbor.
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