Retrace My Steps (Find Car)

Retrace My Steps is a service that tracks your location history for a limited span of time. The location map shows position by timestamp and color-codes whether you were walking/running at any given moment. The span of time depicted in the map can be modified with a time filter. Applications: Find a parked vehicle, without having to remember to tag its location. Find your way back to a previously visited location. Determine where you were at a given time (within the limited span recorded.) Features: Location history data is stored in the private storage of your device. Ability to remove all history. Ability to filter the span of time viewed in the map of tracked locations. Distinguishes between walking/running (green lines) and other types of motion (blue lines). Feature that attempts to determine where your vehicle is parked. GPS locations are only requested when motion is detected, in order to save power. Configurable options: How long until location entries are automatically deleted, the maximum GPS inaccuracy allowed for each location entry, etc.Usage notes: GPS accuracy is better outdoors. If you use a service that kills Android applications, it is recommended that you disable the service as it applies to Retrace My Steps. In Smart Manager, for example, select Battery, App Power Saving / Detail, find Retrace My Steps, and switch "App power saving" off. The sticky foreground service notification can be removed by disabling notifications from the Retrace My Steps application.
Operating System Android