AzNav Offline GPS navigation

AzNav is an application that is installed on your phone, GPS-navigator and / or tablet. This application is for route planning, implementation and navigation to your destination. It operates autonomously and requires no Internet connection to search and navigate. Maps are stored on the device, and therefore there are no costs for roaming and your battery lasts longer. You can download AzNav, enjoy the opportunity to use the navigation at any time, with fully functional Pro Guidance and Live Traffic. Choosing AzNav, you start using professional maps of Azerbaijan, for planning routes by car and on foot. USING AzNav ON YOUR GADGETS IMPROVES RESEARCH AND JOURNEY THROUGH THE STREETS OF OUR CITIES ONCE DOWNLOADED AND INSTALLED, AzNav HAS A LIFETIME WARRANTY OF CONSTANTLY UPDATED PROFESSIONAL MAPS USAGE ON THIS DEVICE. ADVANCED AzNav POSSIBILITIES MEET AND EVEN EXCEED THE LEVEL OF PREFESSIONAL NAVIGATION SYSTEMS. Note: Long-lasting use of any GPS application running in the background can significantly decrease battery life. We strongly recommend using the charger when you are using application in your car.
Operating System Android