IBB Navi, which is developed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems and it is the most comprehensive navigation application. It will guide you at any time to reach your destination. IBB NAVI IS STILL BEING DEVELOPED AND THIS IS THE BETA VERSION. PLEASE BE INFORMED ABOUT THIS. Your New Guide On the RoadUsing "IBB Naviâ?? navigation application which is your new guide on the road, you will reach your destination in shortest time by following the routes created using live traffic information in all cities in Marmara Region, especially in Istanbul. SearchIn "IBB Naviâ?? application, you can search for your destination by typing it in the Search bar, by selecting from the sections sorted by categoties, or by creating your destination by voice command. This feature is supported on iOS platform. "IBB Naviâ?? continues to guide you by providing alternative routes in case you do not have an internet connection. FavoritesYou can view the details of your destination and quickly access your favorite destinations by adding them to your favorites. Street ViewYou can get detailed information by looking at street view of the location you select or your destination. Plan Your Travel"IBB Naviâ?? offers you alternative routes, total distance and estimated time of arrival to take you to your destination in shortest time. Using the route you select, it vocally guides you along the way to your destination. When you exit the route you select, it automatically creates a new route to take you to your destination. Public Transportation"IBB Naviâ?? is integrated with all public transport vehicles in Istanbul and offers environmentally friendly and sustainable transportation options. Your New Guide On the RoadIn the event of a traffic accident or any other situation affecting the traffic flow on the route you select, it automatically creates a new route to take you to your destination. Traffic Information in Marmara RegionWith "IBB Naviâ?? application, you can see instant traffic density information in Marmara Region and get information about the situations adversely affecting traffic flow such as roadworks, traffic congestion, accidents, maintenance-repair works, etc.Live Camera Videos"IBB Naviâ?? allows you to see live traffic videos of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's traffic observation cameras on your route during your travel. Pharmacies On DutyUsing "IBB Naviâ?? mobile application, you can see the pharmacies on duty in Istanbul and you can navigate to these pharmacies. Parking LotsUsing "IBB Naviâ?? mobile application, you can get live occupancy information of the parking lots in Istanbul and navigate to these parking lots. User FriendlyVia its user-friendly, simple interface and menus, you can easily and quickly navigate to your favorite routes you saved with "IBB Naviâ??. Day-Night ModesYou can select the day and night modes according to time and enjoy the navigation with 2 or 3 dimensional map views. Share InformationDuring your travel, you can also share information about road works, traffic congestion, traffic accidents or situations causing danger from the information menu via "IBB Naviâ?? so that this information becomes visible to other application users. Share Favorite LocationsWith â??IBB Navi", you can share the locations you select from the map or your saved locations with your relatives via email or social media accounts. Multi Language OptionTraveling in Marmara Region will be very easy for everyone with "IBB Naviâ?? application which supports navigation in Turkish, English, German, French, Arabic and Italian. Share Your OpinionsYou can contribute to the improvement of "IBB Naviâ?? by sharing your suggestions and ideas with us and you can also get technical support. By sharing application with your relatives, you can make them take advantages of IBB Navi.
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