HPRTK Admin is a simple to use application for viewing both active users' performance indicators and HPRTK network status. Intelligent icons for users and CORS aid in quick recognition of operational status without drilling down in the meta data. Access to users other than yourself is controlled via your organizational structure at HPRTK. For access to other users within your organization please contact support@hprtk. net. Features: Customizable refresh rate. Active User Status (must match user login name). Overall Network Status. Space Weather Conditions (Radio Blackouts, Solar Radiation, and Geomagnetic). Ionospheric Delay Maps. GPS Constellation Status. GLONASS Constellation Status. Overview of Active Users (searchable and filterable). Complete User Status including RTK Status, Fix time, and Time to First Fix. Overview of all CORS stations (searchable and filterable). User filters based on fix status, partial name, proximity, and status. CORS filters based on reporting age, proximity, and status. Hyperlinked metadata.
Operating System Android