Ride Safr

SAFR IS INVITATION ONLY IN BOSTON RIGHT NOW. Safr is ridesharing driven by women. All of our drivers are women, as are all of our riders (men can ride, so long as the requester is a woman and the driver can choose whether or not they want to accept the ride). Safr wants to empower women by breaking down barriers in Ridesharing to create opportunities that will change the way they earn money and commute. Join Safr as we launch in Boston and come together to build a community, drivers and riders, of empowered women. Women drivers make on average 34% less than men in ride-sharing (source), that's 14% worse than the national wage gap. Women routinely suffer harassment, both as drivers and riders. On average, female riders end up being taken on 5% longer riders by unscrupulous drivers. This is unacceptable, and that's why we started Safr. It's also why we've started our #RoadtoSafr campaign in Boston. We're ready to go, but we can make it even better with your help. Download the app, refer your friends, earn cool stuff, and make a difference.
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