Speedometer and Odometer (Pro)

Most Simple, Attractive and Featured digital Speedometer and Odometer app available on Playstore so far. Why this app is so different from other speedometer and odometer apps available on playstore: 1. This app works in OFFLINE mode, so if you have no internet connection, this app will still be running unlike other speedometer apps. 2. This app takes hardly 20 SECONDS to connect you to GPS, normally other apps take around 2-3 minutes to connect the same. 3. This app carries a ACCURACY of 97% when connected to mobile data or internet. Just like google maps work. Offline accuracy is slightly less. 4. This apps not only shows you CURRENT speed, it also shows AVERAGE speed, total DISTANCE, MAXIMUM speed and TRIP time taken by you, your car, your bike, etc.5. HUD MODE to help you use the app in car windshield. 6. Two Themes: Jet Black and Purple. 7. Six Languages are added. So pick the one you find easy. 8. You can set your DESIRED UNITS here like if you want m/s, Km/h or mph. Corresponding speed and distance will be shown. 9. This app carries a SIMPLE and ATTRACTIVE interface. 10. You can CHANGE UNITS any time you want, like in the middle of your trip. 11. This app is so SMALL in size unlike other speedometers which are of around 25-30 mb12. This app uses very less BATTERY, so relax. 13. Set the MINIMUM and MAXIMUM speed to make sure you drive in a perfect range. (First app to provide you minimum speed option) 14. DELETE any entry in just a long press. 15. Get all your STATS in one place. 16. SIREN, RED LIGHT and LONG VIBRATION will inform you if you drive more than specified limit. 17. Similarly, SIREN and SHORT VIBRATION will inform you if you drive slower than specified limit. 18. RESET all data in just a click. 19. Find LATITUDE, LONGITUDE and ALTITUDE at your current location even if your device doesn't have Barometer. 20. Everything is Digital. Digital speed, digital distance, digital timer, etc.21. Rename Button Name the button on your will. IMPORTANT: ON SOME DEVICES, "ACCESS GPS LOCATION" PERMISSION MIGHT BE DENIED IN THEIR SETTINGS SECURITY. PLEASE ENABLE PERMISSION TO USE THIS APP You can also watch our video available on youtube on how to connect GPS in less than 10 seconds and here is the link https://youtu.be/ytJn06xP5Jw. Important. Maximum speed might show wrong reading if GPS gets disconnected like if you are driving underpass or under an obstacle (under a Flyover) that temporary disconnects GPS service. Although your device may show GPS is connected but behind the scene it gets disconnected. 1. Do not try to test the application by pacing around in the same small area. 2. This app works only OUTDOORS, so don't test this app indoors. 3. Make sure that the phone top side can see sky clearly. 4. On some devices (like Xiamoi running Lollipop or Marshmallow), due to security issues, it might take around 5 minutes to connect the GPS. Ever wonder what is the velocity of bus or train if your are sitting in it? By using this app you can find the speed of bus, train, car, bike, cycle, your running, jogging or even your walking Even you can measure the average speed, trip time and total distance. COOL huh? Have any suggestion or query? let me know via email. All your suggestions are welcomed. If you like then rate us 5 star.
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