HUDdle - Head Up Display

HUDdle is an app to put a digital Head-Up Display (HUD) in any car: new or old. Features: Fully customisable modular layout- Multiple modules (see below for current list) - Navigation detection notificationAvailable Modules: Altimeter- Average trip speed- Battery percentage- Clock (digital) - Elapsed time- GPS accuracy- Maximum trip speed- Navigation distance. Navigation icon. Speedometer (digital) - Trip speed graph. Requires Google MapsOne time purchase of HUDdle Premium: 1. Removes all ads2. Removes 3 custom layout limitHave suggestions for more modules and/or features? http://suggest. aquaapps. coDevelopers: Do you want your app supported by HUDdle? Visit http://aquaapps. co/huddle-dev to see how to implement the HUDdle navigation API.
Operating System Android