Airline-Airport Codes

AIRPORTSThree-letter IATA codes and four-letter ICAO codes for all the world's airports (inc commercial, military, coast guard, helicopter, sea plane and more) - over 7, 500 airports listed. Codes shown with airport name and city/location name all fully searchable by one or more letters or one or more words. Wide coverage: Airport Airline Codes Database includes commercial airports, private airfields, military air bases, sea plane bases, heliports and hovercraft launching points. AIRLINESTwo-letter IATA codes and three-letter ICAO codes for the world's airlines (both commercial and non-commercial) - over 5, 500 airlines listed. Codes shown with airline name, callsign (where known) and country of registration - all fully searchable. ABBREVIATIONSQ-CODESIncludes a fully searchable list of aeronautical abbreviations and a fully searchable list of aeronautical Q codes. IN FLIGHTNo Internet connection required so AirportCodes can be used in flight. Structure of ICAO codes explained with easy guide to how each four letter code represents a continent/country/airport.
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