MySmartRoute Route Planner

Plan your daily routesMap multiple locations and get there on time. Optimize routes and save timeLess time on the Road means more time with your customers. Save money with our routes plannerYour business is going places, MySmartRoute will get you there faster. Go green by using our Route PlannerMinimize time on the road and reduce your carbon footprintRoute planning multiple locations in just 3 easy steps with our Smart Route Planner 1. Download the application from Google play and make a free account. 2. Upload your address list from an Excel spreadsheet or type them in. 3. Export your address to MySmartRoute mobile route planner, find the best route and get driving directions. Try it now for free. Features: store and map unlimited locations. save unlimited routes. plan as many as 150 addresses per run (free up to 30 locations per run). 3 Optimization Goals: Minimize Distance, Minimize Time, Balance Distance and Time. round trip. time windows. avoid tolls. avoid highways. import addresses from Excel, CSV using accountMySmartRoute will instantly Improve Your Business. Training Not Required, But Available At Any Time at support@mysmartroute.comFor more details please visit our web page
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