DashMate Lite: GPS Speedometer

DashMate is an enhanced GPS speedometer that provides the following features: 4 interchangeable dials. Speedometer that shows analogue speed, or digital speed, or hybrid mode. This display also shows total distance, maximum speed, and average speed. Trip computer that shows trip distance, trip time, and average trip speed. The trip counters can be reset at any time. Compass that can be set to use the built in magnetic sensor, GPS, or both where it uses the magnetic sensor when stopped and GPS when moving. Analogue clock10 customisable speed alarms (5 for MPH and 5 for KPH) that that will sound your chosen ringtone and flash the alarm button when the speed goes over the set threshold. Main units can be set to kilometres or miles. A journey logger that will store location, altitude, time, speed, and course every 100 metres. Each journey is stored in a file on the phone in GPX format so it can be replayed in applications such as Google Earth. Upgrade to the pro version to remove the ads. More features in development. If you have any feedback or questions please contact us on Twitter @ZtapSoftware or at ztap. software@gmail.com.
Operating System Android