WEX Connect

WEX ConnectMobile App Fuel and Service FinderWEX Connect is a free, easy to use fuel and service locator app, (formerly called Octane) available to all consumers. WEX Connect is one of the first mobile apps which provides you with lowest cost fuel pricing based on fuel station data.It is also one of the only apps which offers you the ability to search by service stations. You now have the ability to easily search for service locations based on the type of service, brand and distance.In addition you receive these important features:Maps and directions to find fuel and service stations anywhere in the countryListings of stations that also offer Diesel, E85 & CNGAbility to save your favorite sites and quickly view the lowest fuel price listedEasily share the app through Facebook, texting and email messagingQuickly locate fuel in an emergency, such as a power outages or severe weather conditionsDon't wait. Download our free app today.
Operating System Android