Air Brake Endorsement ICBC

Prepare yourself for the Canada ICBC Air Brake Endorsement Test. There are two types of air brake endorsements: (1) On-highway -- You need this endorsement if you have a B. C. driver\'s licence and want to drive air brake equipped vehicles on a highway. A highway includes all roadways that can be used by the general public. (2) Off-highway (industrial) -- You need this endorsement if you want to operate air brake equipped vehicles on industrial roads. An industrial road is most often a road used for transporting natural resources. Example: a logging road. Even this app bases most closely on ICBC Test, Canada's driving test is determined on a province-by-province basis. You can use this app to practise or used as an add-on guide even your provinces is not BC, because most of the test questions and answers are very similar. Record shows that most people using this app only need less than 15 minutes to finish the real test. Using it to practice answering the same multiple choice questions that may appear on the real driving exam, or simply test your knowledge about driving theories and be driving smart. Keep practice makes perfect. Please note the app doesn't mean to be a study guide for your theory test. We encourage users to review the books as well.
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