Crime Reporting

IntroductionThe country is experiencing the high risk of crime and high rate in accidents. These are unquestionably some of the most prevailing and worrying aspects in any society and its prevention should be taken seriously. Many countries have laws against criminals and in some related accident such as drunk drivers, regulating of speed limit and mandatory use of helmet and seat beats. These laws are not always comprehensive or properly enforced. The laws are not been sufficiently implemented. As a result, the researchers came up with a proposal, the ANDROID BASED CRIME AND ACCIDENT REPORTING APPLICATION which intends to be able to explore crime management and information system development concepts in applying to community-based crime prevention. Due to high number of android user in the country, the researchers proposed the android based reporting system. The system will be helpful in society such as in reporting, crime and accident solving, and faster response of the authority. The researchers believe that the proposed system will meet the objectives in providing faster and portable reporting system that will be convenient to use by the police and to the normal citizen. Problem StatementAs of today, the reporting system in the country is must be reported personally. The concern citizen must go to the nearest police station to report a crime or incident or the person need to call the nearest police station for faster action of the authority. As a result, the possibility of neglecting of reporting the crime by the concern citizen is enormous. The citizen neglect to report incidents to less hassle and because of unknowledgeable in law. The authorities also lack in spreading the police station hotline in communities, most of the people in the community don't know the nearest police station hotline. The police station must have cell phone number hotline for the complainant that is only using promo loads. Some of complainants are not familiar with the place and didn't know where the police station is. The researchers considered the citizens that are trap in hazardous place like floods and landslides. The researchers also considered the most of the people in the community doubt in reporting especially if the person that will be complained is a big syndicate, life threatening situation leads the citizen to silence. The long record of misbehave police also affect the trust of the citizen to the authority. The inadequate number of the authority is also consider and its the causes why the response of the authority takes longer. Objectives of the studyThe objective of this study is to develop an android application which is capable of reporting crimes and accidents. This reporting application can be used for reporting a crime or accident in any time and place. Specially, the study aims the following: 1. To address the need of the concern citizens who wants a fast crime reporting. 2. To develop a system that will help the government to solve the high crime rate and accidents. 3. To have an accurate time reporting in the country that makes the response of the authority faster. 4. To modernize the system of reporting a crime in the country which may recognize the country as one of the safest in the world. 5. To ensure that the system will be simple to use, user-friendly and portable on the user to use. 6. To conduct trial test to ensure that the system will give satisfaction to the user by its performance. 7. To evaluate the proposed system of its reliability, accuracy and speed. 8. To secure that the user's identity will be enclosed to the database officer only.
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