Although many newer cars have on-board computers that track your fuel economy, they are often inaccurate or become so over time. Additionally, most of them don't keep a history of your fuel economy after you hit the reset button on your trip meter. FuelTracker and FuelTracker Lite allow you to keep a detailed and accurate history of your fuel economy that does not rely on flaky gauges or buggy computers. All you need is a basic trip meter and all of the information available to you every time you fill up. FuelTracker allows you to record your details when you fill up at the pump. It also calculates your fuel economy in the metric L/100 and U. S. MPG measures so you can track your vehicle's performance. In this premium version, FuelTracker also allows you to log any events in the life of your vehicle. And now, with the latest update to the FuelTracker suite of apps, you can visualize your driving history with our new graphing feature. FuelTracker offers two options to track: fuel economy or price per unit over time. These visualisations make it easy to check your vehicle's performance at a glance. Use 'Add New Vehicle' to create a table for your vehicle, if you haven't already done so. You can create your new vehicle for use in the U. S. or countries which use the metric system. Choose that vehicle to review your data or to add a new entry. FuelTracker's graphing feature is also available from the record viewing screen. On the viewing screen you can choose to import (append) or export data by choosing the appropriate option from the Menu. If you want to delete an entry, just press and hold on the row to bring up the delete menu. Select the notepad icon to go to your vehicle log and add any notes relevant to the life of your vehicle. You can delete entries on the log screen in the same way as the data screen. You can also import and export your log data, note: the log data is separate from your vehicle data. In order to export and import fuel data, FuelTracker requires write permissions to external storage on your device.
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