Trackbook GPS

Trackbook is a bare bones app for recording your movements. Trackbook is great for hiking, vacation or workout. Once started it traces your movements on a map. The map data is provided by OpenStreetMap (OSM). Trackbook is free software. You can find the code on GitHub ( GitHub is also a good place to file bugs or even to contribute, if you are interested. Trackbook is published under the MIT open source license. Trackbook uses osmdroid to display the map, which is also free software published under the Apache License. HOW TO USE TRACKBOOK+ Start recording movementsPress the big blue button to start recording your movements. Trackbook will continuously drop markers onto the map. + Stop recording movementsTo stop your recording press the big blue button again or use the stop button in the Trackbook's notification. You can look at the recorded movements on the map afterwards. + Distance and durationPeek into Trackbook's notification to see the distance and duration of your current recording. + How do you measure the distance? Trackbook calculates the distance between markers and adds them up. + Clear the mapYou can clear the map by either long-pressing the big blue button or dismissing the notification. WHICH PERMISSIONS DOES TRACKBOOK NEED? + Permission "INTERNET"Trackbook needs to download map data from OpenStreetMap servers and therefore needs access to the internet. + Permission "ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE" and "ACCESS_WIFI_STATE"Trackbook uses osmdroid to draw its maps. osmdroid needs to know the current state of your device's connectivity. + Permission "ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION" and "ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION"Trackbook needs accurate GPS location data to be able to record your movements. If the GPS data is not available or not accurate enough Trackbook uses location data from cell tower and WiFi triangulation. + Permission "WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"Trackbook uses osmdroid, which caches map tiles on Android's external storage. You can find the map cache in the osmdroid folder on the top level of the user-facing file system.
Operating System Android