Find My Car - Parking reminder

Find My Car: A really simple parking reminder & car locator. How many times have you parked your car and forgotten where? You keep asking yourself: Where did I park? Keep track of your parking location with FindMyCar app. FindMyCar uses GPS location in order to save the position of your parked car and then it can give you directions to find it using Google Maps guidance directions. Simply open the app right after you park your car and wait for the "Save Location" button to become green. Hit is and your parking location will be saved for when you'll be searching for your car. When opening the app and if a previous location is saved you can choose the "Directions to Saved Location" and Google Maps will open with directions from your current location to the saved one. GPS should be enabled in your device settings. Google Maps must be installed in order to get directions to where your car is parked. For the "Directions to Saved Location" to work your current location must be acquired by device (GPS). Please wait for it.
Operating System Android