Ping App

Ping App is a mobile application that helps its users "pingers" link up easily by providing directions to one another's location upon request "ping". One can become a pinger by downloading the application from the store and registering his or her phone contact based after selecting their country code. On registration the application then cross checks the user's contacts and identifies those that are already registered with the application and displays these as pingers. This enables the current user (pinger) send location requests (pings) to the fellow pingers displayed by the application, t6his can be done by tapping on the ping link showing on the contacts view. A dialog will appear seeking confirmation to send the request to picked user plus a slot for an optional short text giving reason for the ping. When location request (ping) is received by your phone it lets you know which of your contacts (if a saved contact or shows you the pinger's phone number) has sent you a ping and a short text giving reason for the ping made, by this time you can either accept or decline the request. If you decline the ping the application deletes it and a notification is pushed to the pinger that sent you that request or if you accept the ping the application seeks your permission to get your current location and it shares this with the pinger who receives a notification indicating that you have accepted his or her request and therefore can be able to locate you without further disturbances of seeking for directions. Now that pinger has received a confirmation notification, their out pings log will be updated with the location of the contact they pinged and now a link will appear on the view enabling them to find their friends using the application. When the "find me" button is clicked it starts up a turn by turn navigation application that is already installed on the user's device if not the user is required to have one installed.
Operating System Android