Metro Euro

Get all 93 maps of 83 cities in Europe just by One App Download. UK, Germany, France, Spain, Swiss, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Czech, Italia, Greece, Turkey, etc. Total 93 maps of Metro and tram. The only one App for your enjoyment of beautiful scenery in Swiss Alps, aurora discovery tour in Norway, luxury shopping in France and Italy, antique city tour to Austria and Czech, historic sites tour to Turkey and Greece, working holiday or language course in UK and business trip to 15 cities in Germany. One step down-load and easy search just by the city or country name. No need of Wifi anywhere. Check the exchange rate in real time. Taking photographs/saving and e-mail sending for passport, etc. Checklist for your trip. Map out your trip with comfortable Metro. You don't need to take an unfamiliar bus or an expensive taxi. Hire a tour conductor with a little money. The best solution for your travel, business trip, and studying abroad.
Operating System Android