OBD 2 Dyno + Diagnostic

Measure the power of your car with this simple tool. All you need is a cheap ELM327 device. Note the result is WHP (Wheel HP) which is less than the actual engine power output, due to drivetrain losses. The actual engine power is 10 - 20 % above the displayed results and depends on your configuration. (Standard / automatic, AWD, etc). Beside the Dyno function, you can read and CLEAR diagnostic trouble codes and read real time ecu data. Preferred usage: connect to ecu, drive in second gear around idle speed, press start button. Give full throttle until engine speed reaches the rpm limit (or less). The car weight field should be set to gross weight: curb weight + fuel weight + passenger (s) weight. Safety first. Consider taking the measurement on a private / closed road with a helper using the app while you drive.
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